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Unleash Your Quiz Master: Our Smart Question Generator
Transform lectures into quizzes in seconds! Academy Search utilizes AI to discover top academic sources that align with your classroom topics, aiding you in creating effective practice quizzes.
Effortless Research
No more scrambling for resources. Academy Search delivers relevant academic sources based on your lecture topics.
Deeper Learning
Strengthen understanding with credible sources that enrich your quiz content and promote deeper learning.
Self-Assessment Power
Create personalized quizzes to test your grasp of key concepts and identify areas for improvement.
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Use Case
History Quiz
Plug in a historical period and find academic sources to create questions with diverse perspectives.
Science Challenge
Dive into a scientific concept and unearth articles and journals for in-depth, well-supported quiz questions.
Literature Review
Explore a literary work and discover academic resources to craft thought-provoking questions that analyze themes and characters.
Current Events Quiz
Stay on top of the news! Use Academy Search to find recent academic articles to create quizzes on hot-button topics.
Art Appreciation
Delve into an artistic movement and find scholarly resources to craft insightful quiz questions that test knowledge and interpretation.
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What they say about StudyGPT?
Whoa, turning my notes into quizzes in seconds? Mind blown! 🤯
Dec 5, 2023
This tool is awesome! I can make quizzes in seconds and they’re actually good
Dec 5, 2023
This AI quiz maker is seriously cool. So easy and fast!
Dec 5, 2023
The quiz generator is straight-up magic, perfect for last-minute study sessions
Dec 5, 2023
How does Academy Search transform lectures into quizzes?
Why would instructors want to transform lectures into quizzes?
How does Academy Search help instructors discover top academic sources for creating quizzes?
Can instructors customize the quizzes created with Academy Search?
How can students benefit from quizzes created with Academy Search?
Is Academy Search suitable for all subject areas and grade levels?
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