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Capture a question and get AI guidance to solve it
"Screenshot & Ask AI" isn't just a crutch; it's a learning accelerator. By seeing the thought process behind the solution, you'll develop critical thinking skills and build confidence to tackle future challenges on your own.
Snap a screenshot
Capture the specific question or problem you're facing on your homework, textbook, or any learning material.
Ask the AI
Upload the screenshot and let our powerful AI analyze it.
Get clear answers
Receive insightful explanations and step-by-step guidance to understand the concept and find the solution.
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Use Case
Unclear Explanations
Confusing passage? Screenshot it, get AI to explain.
Homework Hangup
Stuck on a problem? Screenshot it, get AI to guide you.
Project Panic
Confusing diagram? Screenshot it, get AI to explain the parts.
Foreign Language Frustration
Don't understand grammar or vocabulary? Screenshot it, get AI to explain.
Study Session Scramble
Stuck together? Screenshot the concept, get AI to explain for everyone.
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What they say about StudyGPT?
Love how easy this is! just took a screenshot of my homework and got the answers instantly. Lifesaver!
Dec 5, 2023
Can't believe how fast this works! Took a screenshot of my question, and boom, instant answers. So cool!
Dec 5, 2023
This feature is a lifesaver during study sessions, screenshot your question, and get the answer PLUS how to solve it. Cool!
Dec 5, 2023
Need help with a tricky question? Just take a screenshot and let the answers roll in 😚
Dec 5, 2023
What is "Screenshot & Ask AI" and how does it work?
How does "Screenshot & Ask AI" help users develop critical thinking skills?
Why is "Screenshot & Ask AI" more than just a crutch?
How does "Screenshot & Ask AI" build confidence in users?
Can "Screenshot & Ask AI" be used for all types of problems?
How can educators incorporate "Screenshot & Ask AI" into their teaching methods?
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